Work at Home Versus Traditional Business

Work at Home: MLM versus Traditional Business.

Traditional business and network marketing follow a similar pattern. Both start with a product or service.

The next step is to sell that product or service to a consumer. The thing that gives network marketing an advantage is the fact that you can work from home in a home business. Home businesses cost a fraction of the cost of a traditional business and this is the beauty of being able to work at home.

Some of the costs associated with traditional businesses:

  • Fitting out shop or office space
  • Rent
  • Insurance – liability, goods, theft, etc.
  • Wages and taxes
  • Stock, warehousing and delivery
In traditional business you have to purchase the product or service from the supplier who bought from manufacturer or company.

As you can see there are three parties involved before the product reaches the consumer. All of which have made a profit. If you take the product directly from the company to the consumer you are cutting out the middle man. As a result you get lower prices. This is the multi level marketing.

Multi level marketing allows you to work at home. The company also rewards you for your efforts. A perfect home business wouldn’t you agree?

With MLM you don’t have employees. You have colleagues. By helping your colleagues you are rewarded for their efforts as well as your own.

MLM allows you freedom and passive income while you work at home.

Today more and more people are seeking home businesses. It is easy to see why.

Here is an example of working a traditional business:

  • You take home $60,000 per annum before tax. You are 30 years old and plan on retiring at age 65.
  • You have 420 pay slips to last you the rest of your life time.
  • Monthly pay = $5,000
  • $5,000 x 430 = $2.1 million (remaining total earnings)
  • Buy a house for $400 K. Remaining $1.7 million
  • You have a child. Estimated cost over 18 years = $170,000. Total is now $1,530,000.
  • Remainder = $25,000 per year.
  • Deduct food, approximately $150 per week – annual total $7,800. Remainder $17,200.
  • Cost of running a car per annum roughly $10,000. Remainder is now $7,200.
  • A third of this will go in taxes.
  • Is this enough for you to do the things you want to do?

    By the way there are no holidays, hobbies, etc included in this calculation.

    NB Nor does this example take into consideration interest rates, superannuation, tax or house price increases. This is just a simple guide.

    This is to last you the rest of your life!

    Now let’s introduce the concept of residual income from a work at home business. What if you could earn $60,000 or more a year forever even after retirement? This is simple business sense.

    For example, take an author. He writes a great book. It is edited, published and promoted to shops, etc who sell to the consumer. Now who gets paid for the work they finished months ago – the author! The author keeps getting paid as long as the books are selling and he is not doing any work. This is residual income.

    I hope you can see the benefits of MLM? On the other hand you need to choose a company that has great products. Products people will keep using no matter what the economy. Things like shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste are prime examples. People can go online and order direct from the company and be responsible for them.

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