Toxic Chemicals

by Patricia
(New Hampshire)

When I was young, I witnessed a terrible incident in my grandmother's house. She was cleaning with some cleaning liquid and didn't realize that the lid was already open when she picked up the bottle. The liquid fell onto her hands and for the next one whole year, she was in pain and under treatment.

The acid in that cleaning liquid was apparently so strong; it caused a burn on her hand. She visited multiple dermatologists and had to undergo expensive and painful treatment to get relief.

When I got married and moved into my own place, I was very hesitant to buy all these powerful kind of magic cleaners, soaps and detergents. To me they all looked dangerous and harmful. Granny's accident kept flashing before my very eyes and I was always on the edge, waiting for a disaster to happen.

It is no hidden fact that most of the household cleaning products that are available in the market have a high percentage of acids another toxic ingredients and if misused or even incase of an accident, the results can be terrible and life threatening.

It turned out that I got into the business of website development with a friend of mine who was very good at this. Like me, she was also a stay-home mom and thus, the nature of this job suited us both very well.

My first project on job was to look for a reputable business that sold non-toxic products. Soon enough, I found a reliable company of such a nature. Next, I offered them a business proposal for creating their website. The proposal was instantly accepted and so, that is how I became a part of their team. I now work as a contractual employee and create, design and maintain their websites.

I feel that this job is close to my heart because I also strongly believe in their principals and objectives. I believe that products that are meant for domestic use and can easily come in the hands of children should not be toxic and dangerous.

There are hundreds of easy to make recipes for cleaners. Usually involving bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, club soda, tea tree oil and other such harmless ingredients, there is an answer for every stubborn mark and stain.

In addition to being safe, they are many times cheaper than the products bought from the market.

Many housewives and even men are looking for answers. People are switching back to old products, traditional things and organic materials. And it makes a lot of sense! It's a good business to be doing.

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