My Place; How to own your own home fast!

My place; how to own your own home as fast as you can; the idea of paying off your home quickly is very appealing and is used by mortgage brokers to attract you to their products, but essentially, there are only two ways to pay off your home loan quickly, and that is to find a cheaper interest rate, or make larger or more regular repayments on your loan.

There is no magic trick or secret type of loan that will let you own your home sooner and to be able to call it my place.If you consistently make additional payments on your mortgage, you will of course make progress.

To anyone paying a mortgage, the idea that you can own your own home free of debt sooner is almost irresistible.

So how can you really pay off your mortgage faster?

Should you refinance?

Will extra features, such as a redraw facility, mortgage offset account or a line of credit help you?

Should you go for a basic 'no frills' loan instead, and make additional payments whenever you can?

More loan information at the link below;

Own your own home; financial tips, and safety checks

Whether you are looking to reduce your mortgage by adjusting your loan, or you are looking for extra income, there are many great ideas below to spark a second income without leaving home to do it!

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* And you won't be doing those crazy ‘No Money Down' deals, rehabbing worthless and ugly houses, buying incredibly complex tax liens, or "flipping" rundown properties
* You will do all this without buying or selling any real estate at all yourself!

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In giving you ideas for cheaper holidays and extra income possibilities, you will see that many things are possible to get My Place secure much faster!

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