Legitimate Business Opportunity Home Based Business Success

Legitimate Business Opportunity and Home Based Business Success
Most of us are seeking a business that gives us minimum risk levels and a healthy self esteem. Let’s face it we all want healthy self esteem and to feel good about ourselves and what we are doing. If we are unable to do this through a legitimate business opportunity then are we actually going to experience healthy self esteem? Read on to see where I am coming from.

Multilevel Marketing
What is multilevel marketing? It can be known by the name networkmarketing. This is classed as one of the fastest growing industries in the world! This is the perfect business for the home based business opportunity seeker!

It is a proven business for people seeking home based small business.

There are minimum risk levels!

There are more millionaires coming from multilevel marketing than from the dot.com industry. People seeking home based small business are people wishing to achieve financial freedom. 150,000 people are joining multilevel marketing companies every week. Multilevel marketing is direct selling through relationship referrals selling a company’s products and services. More importantly, these are all classified as a legitimate business opportunity!

Associates are known as distributors. Distributors act upon a contract to a company and are paid a commission based on product and services that are sold through their efforts. A healthy self esteem can be created through multilevel marketing as well as minimum risk levels, which makes this business attractive. You also have the potential to earn residual income.

To be successful you must establish a stream of customers who are going to buy products or services and are going to become repeat customers. In other words the sort of company you should be seeking out is a company that is offering a product or service that is required on a regular basis, preferably monthly.

These customers need to follow a duplicatable system. Gone are the days where you prospect friends and family members. This is a legitimate business opportunity.

Today the internet is used to find home based small business. You can also work with referrals. Your leads have to learn how to become leaders. I am a trainer of leaders and would love to help you achieve this same status.

Good leaders are people, who are on a mission. They know exactly what they want in life. They actively recruit and train new distributors and support them through good times and bad times. More importantly they have fun while they are doing this! This is a fun business and depending on your attitude will be the amount of fun and enjoyment you receive from this business. Good leaders coach and mentor people. This business is a wonderful way to make friends world-wide and maintain sustainable friendships whilst working together and earning residual income.

Leadership is training people to have healthy self esteem, positive experiences, motivation, putting boundaries around the things that stop us moving forward to a legitimate business opportunity.

Multi level marketing dates back to 1940 when a company called California Vitamins discovered they could make more sales by having more sales representatives selling a small amount than having less sales representatives selling a lot! New sales representatives were created from satisfied customers and a system based on a commission was developed. Network marketing was born! That same company became known as Nutrilite Food Supplement Corporation. In 1959 Richard Devos and Jay van Andel founded AMWAY, which was short for the American Way. 50 million people world wide are estimated to be involved in network marketing with almost 100 billion in annual wholesale revenue. This industry is recognised as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With more companies choosing to capitalise on this trend, it can only produce significant growth well into the future. Although networkmarketing dates back to 1940 it is only now this industry has come of age. With estimated 150,000 people joining this industry every week and given the proven history of networkmarketing model and the merging business trends – the timing could not be better!

There is one thing you need to know. Multilevel marketing is not pyramid selling. Pyramid selling is where money changes hands and you receive nothing in return. In other words there are no goods or services involved.

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