Health Articles and nutrition with minerals, vitamins and nutrients!

Health articles and nutrition with minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Let's face the facts. Over the past 50-100 years our environment has changed dramatically. Our lifestyle, such as:

  • our homes
  • our work
  • our eating habits, etc
have seen enormous changes in the 20th Century.

Our health is suffering! Unlike our grandparent’s days when a standard variety of food met their nutritional requirements, the supermarket food of today falls well short of optimum nutrition.

Today our soil is depleted of minerals. Click on the link below:

Senate Document #264

People need to know that the world is suffering from over 160 nutrient deficient diseases and there are many health articles on the subjects!

Did you know that there are 75,000-100,000 chemicals in common use today?

These chemicals are synthetic. There are over 400 different chemical residues found in body fat!

No wonder people are suffering from all sorts of diseases!

We are dependent on essential nutrients. Our bodies need minerals, vitamins, enzymes, water, amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. Good nutrition helps guard against infection.

People are spending more time looking after their:

  • car
  • house
  • and their garden
than they are spending looking after their own welfare.

Sources say we need over 90 nutrients every day to function well. We need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. As we know we are not getting these out of our food – what do we do?

We have to take supplements! We must ensure that these supplements are of the best quality. These supplements need to contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and should be taken on a regular basis to maintain our optimum health.

Avoid synthetic supplements. In fact synthetic supplements can actually have the totally reverse effect on our bodies, i.e. in fact causing us harm! A prime example is d-alpha tocopheryl (Vitamin E). When this is shown as dl instead of d – it indicates that it is synthetic. When researchers have used the synthetic form of Vitamin E in clinical trials it has not been found to work and in fact in some cases has caused harm.

Look for plant derived nutrients from natural sources. Avoid artificial additives and fillers such as coal tar, artificial colouring, preservatives, sugars and starch.

I cannot stress enough how important minerals are. All living cells depend on minerals! Liquid minerals and vitamins are the answer. Liquid supplementation allows for easier absorption by the body. To keep myself up to date I make sure I read as many health articles as I can.

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Remember – Good Nutrition – Good Health!

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